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Ehemaliges IWM-Mitglied [08.08.2011 - 31.10.2012]

Anna-Antonia Pape

Artikel in referierten Zeitschriften

Kullmann, S., Pape, A.-A., Heni, M., Ketterer, C., Schick, F., Haering, H.-U., Fritsche, A., Preissl, H., & Veit, R. (2013). Functional network connectivity underlying food processing: Disturbed salience and visual processing in overweight and obese adults. Cerebral Cortex, 23(5), 1247-1256. Volltext anfordern


Kiili, K., Ninaus, M., Koskela, M., Tuomi, M., & Lindstedt, A. (2013). Developing Games for Health Impact : Case Brains vs Zombies Proceedings of The 7th European Conference on Games Based Learning – ECGBL 2013 (pp. 297-304). Porto: acpi.


Pape, A.-A., Gerjets, P., & Zander, T.O. (2012, May). Neural correlates of workload and puzzlement during loss of control. Meeting of the EARLI SIG 22 Neuroscience and Education. London, Great Britain. [Poster]

Pape, A.-A., Wolbers, T., Schultz, J., Bülthoff, H.H., & Meilinger, T. (2011, November). Grid cell remapping in humans. Annual Meeting of the Society for Neuroscience. Washington DC. [Poster]

van Dam, L., Pape, A.-A., & Ernst, M. (2010, June). We know our errors that result from noise. 11th International Multisensory Research Forum. Liverpool, Great Britain. [Poster]

Anna-Antonia Pape
Anna-Antonia Pape