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Common ground of humans and artificial agents

WorkgroupKnowledge Exchance lab
Duration07/2020 - open
FundingSondertatbestand Data Science
Project description

Artificial agents are becoming an increasingly commonplace phenomenon. Personal assistants like Siri or Alexa help their owners to organize their everyday life. In virtual space, bots support navigation on websites and even write a relevant part of the contributions in social networks. This project investigates the prerequisites for successful communication between such artificial agents and their users.

For smooth communication, certain conditions must be met: The participants must have a common knowledge base and be certain of the existence of this knowledge base among their counterparts. The process by which these conditions are ensured is called grounding (Clark & Brennan, 1991). This requires a high degree of adaptation from the communication partners. While this is easy for humans, artificial agents are not yet as flexible. In this project we will investigate what distinguishes communication with artificial agents from communication with humans.

The project is part of the cooperation network "Human-Agent Interaction".

  • Prof. Dr. Hendrik Lensch, department of Computer Science, University of Tübingen