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Bodily awareness in media perception: Influence of multi-sensory body representation activation on media perception

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Results from embodied cognition research suggest that the human ability of representing aspects of their bodies and embodied experiences are an important aspect of cognitive online processes. There is evidence that the activation of representations of bodily experiences (heart beat, effort, warmth, touch, posture, orientation) influences the assessment of spatial variables (distance, steepness, size), social variables (abilities, sympathy, sociability, trust, affiliation, power), and specific aspects of memory.

This project addresses the question whether the dynamic use of body-related representations could be beneficial for knowledge exchange within net-based media environments. Content and structures shall become more accessible and more attractive by directed activation and manipulation of body awareness.

ScreenshotOur general aims are (a) the development of an interactive online environment for manipulating bodily states within familiar net-based scenarios (surfing, search, social interaction), (b) taxonomy and classification of bodily states/representations and their activators, (c) evidence for selective influence of body awareness on knowledge communication.