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Andreas Schliephake
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Andreas Schliephake

Member of JRC Neuro-cognitive Plasticity

Since September 2018 Andreas Schliephake has been a research fellow and PhD student at the IWM in the Junior Research Group Neuro-Cognitive Plasticity. He has gained experience with eye-tracking (Strategy Recognition in Depictive Numerical Problems) and the applicability of physiological sensor data for (adaptive) feedback. In his research, he deals with the modeling of numerical effects and cognitive control with a focus on modulation of numerical effects in task switching paradigms.

Andreas Schliephake studied Psychology (Bachelor) and Educational Sciences (M.Sc.) at the Dutch Universities of Groningen and Utrecht with a focus on time investment in exam situations and the effects of feedback requests on performance development. During his bachelor studies Andreas Schliephake was appointed as a teaching assistant in a communication skills course.


Influence of Task Switching on Number Processing


Andreas Schliephake

Andreas Schliephake

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72076 Tübingen
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phone: +49 7071 979-264
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