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Marie Eggeling
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Marie Eggeling

Member of Knowledge Construction lab

Since July 2017, Marie Eggeling has worked as research assistant and PhD student in the Knowledge Construction lab. Her project “Medical online platforms as cognitive interfaces” pursues the question how informed decision making for patients can be supported with different information sources (e.g. videos, information brochures, patient testimonials). For example, she investigates which information may help patients to gain the necessary knowledge and to be more satisfied with their decision. The project is part of the Leibniz-WissenschaftsCampus Cognitive Interfaces.

Marie Eggeling studied Psychology (M.Sc. 2015) with the focus on clinical psychology at the University of Potsdam. During her studies she worked as a research assistant in the clinical and educational psychology department.


Research Gate   


Medical online platforms as cognitive interfaces: The impact of individual and technological features on learning and processing of complex medical information

Articles in refereed Journals

Eggeling, M., Bientzle, M., Shiozawa, T., Cress, U., & Kimmerle, J. (2018). The impact of visualization format and navigational options on laypeople’s perception and preference of surgery information videos: Randomized controlled trial and online survey. Journal of Participatory Medicine, 10, e12338. https://dx.doi.org/10.2196/12338 Open Access

Conference Contributions

Eggeling, M., Bientzle, M., & Kimmerle, J. (2019, July). The impact of physicians' recommendations on treatment preference and attitudes: An experimental study on shared decision making. 10th International Shared Decision Making Conference. Quebec City, Canada. [Talk]

Eggeling, M., Bientzle, M., Meinhardt, A.-L., & Kimmerle, J. (2019, October). The impact of physicians’ recommendations and gender on informed decision making. 41st Annual Meeting of the Society for Medical Decision Making. Portland, USA. [Poster]

Eggeling, M., Bientzle, M., & Kimmerle, J. (2018, April). Using videos of live surgeries to communicate medical knowledge to the public. 15th International Public Communication of Science and Technology Conference. Dunedin, New Zealand. [Talk]

Eggeling, M., Bientzle, M., & Kimmerle, J. (2018, June). Supporting shared decision making: What do patients need? Leibniz PhD Network Conference on Interdisciplinarity. Magdeburg. [Poster]

Eggeling, M. (2017, November). Using medical learning videos for patient education. N² Science Communication Conference. Berlin. [Poster]


Marie Eggeling

Marie Eggeling

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