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Development and Validation of a Large Scale Assessment tool for historical thinking

Realistic Depictions


April 2013 - March 2015




Competencies in history do not just focus on knowing dates and facts, but also comprise skills to actively question the contents of historical documents, and to recognize the importance of the past for the present. Hence, historical competencies are highly procedural, which complicates assessment. In cooperation with history educationalists from the Catholic University of Eichstaett-Ingolstadt (Prof. Dr. Waltraud Schreiber) and the University of Hamburg (Prof. Dr. Andreas Koerber and Prof. Dr. Bodo von Borries), as well as educational researchers from the University of Tuebingen (Prof. Dr. Ulrich Trautwein), the KMRC is part of the BMBF project “Development and Validation of a Large Scale Assessment tool for historical thinking”. A tool for the efficient assessment of historical competencies will be developed in this project. The KMRC focuses on validation studies to test the internal validity of the assessment tool. For that purpose, the measurements of the tool are related to students’ performance in a task for that they have to handle multiple historical documents.