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2019-06-04  |  IWM brings interactive history to Tübingen’s town hall
2019-06-03 tuebinger tisch rathaus gerjets palmer 1600

As part of a research cooperation between the IWM and the city of Tübingen, an interactive multimedia tool for the historic Tübingen city hall was developed which was presented by Lord Mayor, Boris Plamer on June 3. On the so called “Tübinger Table”, a billiard-table-sized multitouch installation, visitors can now intuitively and interactively access the city's highlights – and IWM researches can gather further insights into the perfect usability.

A “genuine innovation” called Lord Mayor Palmer the interactive city guide developed by the IWM. On the map of the multitouch display, visitors of the city can now virtually explore the Tübingen’s hotspots through intuitive gestures like swiping, rotating and scaling. Yet, there is much more than just technology to the info cards equivalent to over 700 pages of text, the around 400 photos and the interface which can be used by several persons simultaneously.  "The table is basic research cast in a product," said project manager Prof. Dr. Peter Gerjets from the IWM. The Tübingen Leibniz-Insitute has researched for many years how digital media can transfer knowledge in a way that as much of it as possible is remembered and understood. The findings are already being applied in multimedia tables in museums, but Tübingen is the first city to do so. The use of the Tübingen table during the opening hours of the city hall provides the project team with important research access. Through observations, surveys and experiments, the IWM will in future collect reliable research results on knowledge transfer with the table and continually optimise the installation.


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