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2019-07-04  |  Multimedia learning illustrated: Marie-Christin Krebs successfully completes dissertation project
20190701 Krebs Verteidigung

Everybody is talking about multimedia learning. It is often assumed that learners know how to deal adequately with different representations of content such as texts and images. However, empirical studies show a different picture. Many learners struggle with developing strategies with which they can process texts and images equally. In her doctorate, IWM doctoral student Marie-Christin Krebs is therefore concerned with the question whether learners can be supported in better processing multiple representations by so-called Eye Movement Modeling Examples (EMME). Her experiments show that the demonstration of optimal eye movements can be an effective instructional support for multimedia learning. However, social factors can moderate the effectiveness of EMME – especially when learners have little prior knowledge. Thus, this experimental group only benefited from instructional support if they assumed that the gaze movements presented came from another subject and not from a comparatively more competent model. The reason for this is the tendency of people to orient themselves more towards others who have a similar background or abilities as they do, explained Marie-Christin Krebs during her successful dissertation defence on July 1.

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