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2019-08-01  |  Dr. Johannes Blöchle honoured with Doctoral Award from Tübingen University
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Dr. Johannes Blöchles work in the Neuro-Cognitive Plasticity Lab at the IWM has distinguished itself in the truest sense of the word: In recognition of his excellent doctoral thesis, the University of Tübingen awarded the former PhD student of the IWM with the doctoral prize from the Faculty of Science. In 2018, under the title „Substantiating and specifying the neurocognitive architecture of numerical cognition” the scientist brought together the results of his four-year research on numerical cognition. While figure processing is often explained by closed models which hardly consider cross-domain functions, Blöchle combined in his thesis theories on attention, long-term memory and visual perception with cognitive research.

Each year, the University of Tübingen awards a fixed number of doctoral prices per faculty for the most outstanding dissertations of the previous year.  The awards were presented by headmaster of the University Prof. Dr. Bernd Engler at the annual graduation ceremony on July 13. In his speech, Dr. Ulrich Köstlin, honorary senator of Tübingen University advised the PhD students of the academic year 2018/2019 to remember the university slogan in the future: “Take a risk!”

Dr. Johannes Blöchle is now continuing his research on the complex interplay of number processing at the University Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy. In a DFG funded project, he investigates how fraction magnitude understanding at the beginning of secondary education can be fostered in children.

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