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2019-08-14  |  First German-Brazilian Winter School on numerical cognition
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Leading scientists from the area of numerical cognition met at the 1st Winterschool on Numerical Cognition in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, from 5th to 9th of August in order to discuss latest research results. The exchange was initiated and organized by the Developmental Neuropsychology Laboratory of the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais and the junior research group Neuro-cognitive Plasticity of the Leibniz-Institut für Wissensmedien. The two institutions have cooperated in the DAAD funded project “A genetic and cross-linguistic Brazilian-German approach to children's numerical development” since March 2018.

In collaboration with the Brazilian partners Prof. Vitor Haase, Prof. Raquel Carvalho and Prof. Júlia Silva, Prof. Korbinian Möller, head of the junior research group, and his colleague Dr. Julia Bahnmüller had set up the first international meeting of this kind. A total of 50 researchers spend five days on the exchange of ideas across disciplines. 

The top topics, in the eyes of Prof. Möller, included the influence of cultural and linguistic peculiarities (i.e. the so-called inversion of Germen number words, 21 = einundzwanzig = twenty and one) as well as of genetic factors on the development of numerical skills but also fear of arithmetic. The question of how concrete research results can have an effect on teaching and learning of numerical skills was also intensively discussed. Korbinian Möller himself provided two contributions to the program and focussed on neuronal correlates of numerical learning and embodied training of numerical abilities. Postdoc Julia Bahnmüller held a lecture on the linguistic influences on numerical processes.

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