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Computer assisted assessment patterns for different target users: the
case of Multimedia Questionnaires

Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain

In eLearning a large diversity of patterns are proposed for different types of target users (e.g. teachers, developers, etc.), although in some cases these potential users are not clearly defined. Our context of study is focused on Computer Assisted Assessment (CAA) processes. Within the large number of methods to assess learning, we study the use of eQuestionnaires that make use of technical assessment specifications such as IMS Question and Test Interoperability (QTI). We analyse how the design, creation and use of an eQuestionnaire in a CAA process is structured in stages where different users are involved. These users have to solve a problem in order to enable the next stage. According with a user and his/her problem, a specific good technique can be applied. This information can be organized in a pattern. We propose a collection of patterns for different target users who work in the integration of new opportunities on CAA using Web 2.0 services in an eQuestionnaire. This collection is composed by: one pattern for teachers which introduces the
benefits of using eQuestionnaires with Web2.0 interactions; a second pattern for CAA designers which presents how to create a model of new types of interaction without extending the assessment specification; and finally a third pattern for developers which solves the problem of how to implement a tool with Multimedia Web 2.0 Interactions using an assessment specification to design eQuestionnaires. Each pattern belongs to different pattern languages, however they are complementary and dependent among them.We have done a survey study to identify if the use of patterns can improve the tasks and relations among users in a CAA process. The evaluation results indicate that users recognize the potential use of patterns useful for facilitating the sharing of good practices.

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