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Patterns and instructional methods - what is the difference?

Joachim Wedekind
Knowledge Media Research Center

Outside of the pattern community and especially outside the TEL-community patterns are not very well known. However, this status they have in common with teaching methods in higher education, as (at least in Germany) a systematic approach to teaching is not very widespread. On the other side - in times of the Bologna process - there is an increasing pressure to professionalize academic teaching. Unfortunately, existing libraries of methods are not very helpful, as they are scattered and suffer from missing structure and different levels of granularity.

The pattern approach seems to be suitable to overcome such shortcomings and to give simultaneously substantiated derivations and applicable procedures. Therefore in e-teaching.org we will try to initiate a community of teachers in higher education to build a comprehensive library of e-teaching patterns. In this talk the first steps of our enterprise will be described.


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