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Theoretical and Empirical Foundation of the Knowledge and Information Awareness-Approach as well as its Expansion to Further Cognitive Contents

Working group Knowledge Exchange Lab
Duration 01/2013 - 12/2016
Funding Leibniz Association as part of the Leibniz Competition
Project description

In group situations, it is important to have knowledge about the collaborating partners‘ knowledge. However, its acquisition is difficult, especially in virtual groups. The approach for fostering knowledge and information awareness developed by Engelmann improves collaboration and group performance and helps to overcome collaboration barriers. The project addresses important outstanding questions.

In research line 1 the theoretical differentiation of the knowledge and information awareness concept from related concepts is to be validated empirically. Research line 2 focuses on the presentation and the acquisition of knowledge and information awareness content. Research line 3 expands the approach to additional cognitive contents.

The leadership of this project started by Dr. Tanja Engelmann, was handed over to Prof. Dr. Dr. Friedrich Hesse in February 2014.


Dr. Michail Kozlov (Universität Tübingen)

Dr. Cornelia Große (Universität Bremen)

Prof. Dr. Roy B. Clariana (Pennsylvania State University, USA)