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Knowledge processes and how they are influenced by digital media - that's what the research at the IWM is about: Which conditions and competences are needed for the successful utilization of digital media for knowledge processes and how can these be provided? Which role do innovative cognitive interfaces play for knowledge processes? How does digitalization change social and motivational factors of knowledge exchange and usage? How does a group of people construct new knowledge? At the IWM, we answer tomorrow's questions today.


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Leibniz-WissenschaftsCampus Tübingen
„Cognitive Interfaces“

Logo WCTThe interdisciplinary research network initiated jointly by IWM and the University of Tübingen focuses on how thinking, acting and working in the context of digital media can be improved by designing human-computer interfaces.


Booklet about the 14 projects (PDF in German)

TüDiLab – Tübingen Digital Teaching Lab

Logo TüDiLab A joint project of the IWM and the Tübingen School of Education for the education of teachers regarding the design of media-based teaching as well as for impact research on using digital media in teaching.


  • Knowledge-related internet usage

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