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Markus Überall
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Markus Überall

Member of the Media Technology Department

Markus Überall has been a member of the Media Technology Department at the IWM since 2005. His major responsibility is the development of exploration software for different working groups as well as the technical support in their preparation and usage. This includes the designing and processing of animations, the programming and implementation of learning environments as well as the project-specific selection and support of particular hardware.

After finishing his training as an educator in 1997, he worked as section leader in different daycare facilities for children from 1998 to 2002. Subsequently, he attended the vocational school for informatics at the academy of data processing and computing in Böblingen, where he studied computer science. He graduated in 2005 as a software engineer with an emphasis on media and communication.

Former Projects

Intuitive and personalized visitor information with interactive displays in museums: contextualized – multimedia-based – collaborative (EyeVisit)

Resource-Adaptive Design of Visualizations for Supporting the Comprehension of Complex Dynamics in the Natural Sciences

Web Documents

Oestermeier, U., & Überall, M. (2010). Telefonliste. Eine Web-App für mobile Geräte mit WebKit-Browser.

Oestermeier, U., & Überall, M. (2010). Mitarbeiterliste. Eine Web-App für mobile Geräte mit WebKit-Browser.

Software Development

Klemke, A., & Überall, M. (2018). Versuchsumgebung: IWM-Study Ownership01 Tübingen: Leibniz-Institut für Wissensmedien.

Knobloch, M., Überall, M., Benzin, A., Groteloh, S., Kurbad, T., Oestermeier, U., & Renner, B. (2016). Relaunch IWM-Webauftritt. Tübingen: Leibniz-Institut für Wissensmedien.

Klemke, A., Oestermeier, U., & Überall, M. (2014). Versuchsumgebung: KMRC-Study eChemBook 2. Tübingen: IWM.

Überall, M. (2014). Versuchsumgebung: NIRS 3. Tübingen: IWM.

Überall, M., & Klemke, A. (2014). Versuchsumgebung: KMRC-Study Trainingsmodule 1. Tübingen: IWM.

Klemke, A. & Überall, M. (2012). Versuchsumgebung: NIRS Video. Tübingen: IWM.

Edelmann, J., & Überall, M. (2011). Artwork Map Epochal. Tübingen: IWM.

Überall, M., Klemke, A., & Oestermeier, U. (2011). Versuchsumgebung: KMRC-Study Einsatz 1. Tübingen: IWM.

Überall, M. (2010). Kuratorenbefragung zur Epochal-Ausstellung. Tübingen: IWM.

Überall, M. (2010). Experimentalumgebung Lokomotion4. Tübingen: IWM.

Überall, M. (2010). Experimentalumgebung Kepler2. Tübingen: IWM.

Überall, M. (2010). Experimentalumgebung Kepler3. Tübingen: IWM.


Markus Überall

Markus Überall

Schleichstraße 6
72076 Tübingen
Room 6.432
phone: +49 7071 979-344
fax: +49 7071 979-124