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The Impact of Perceived System Characteristics on Acceptance and Usage of AI Systems 

WorkgroupSocial Processes Lab 
Duration11/2020 - open  
FundingSondertatbestand Data Science
Project description

Humans often tend to treat technical systems as social actors and ascribe them human-like characteristics (e.g., when telling a computer to work faster). With the ongoing introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI), this tendency is likely to increase – as technical systems become more and more capable (e.g., of solving complex problems or adapting to individual users) and are often even explicitly designed to appear human-like.  

Up to now, a multitude of research has focused on how the objective technical capabilities of different technologies impact users’ interaction behavior. However, especially users’ subjective perceptions of system characteristics – which can substantially differ from the objective features it provides – are important to understand users’ interaction with AI systems. To address this gap, this project aims to investigate how user’s subjective perceptions of human-like characteristics in AI systems influence the interaction with as well as the acceptance of such technical systems. Doing so, we seek to contribute to a better understanding of how users perceive such systems, as well as to grasp how this influences their subsequent responses.

The project is part of the cooperation network "Human-Agent Interaction".