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The influence of haptic exploration of objects on knowledge acquisition and interest

WorkgroupRealistic Depictions
Duration10/2017 - open end
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Project description

While current theories on learning in multimedia learning environments concentrate on visual and auditory access, this dissertation project focuses on a different sensory approach to learning content: The haptics and haptic exploration of physical objects. Thus, the extent to which this haptic experience - in combination with visual impressions - influences learning and the learning experience in informal learning environments, such as museums and exhibitions, is investigated.

To investigate this question, learning content on a current topic is developed and prepared in a way that is typical for museums. These learning contents are presented to the participants in an exhibition at IWM, whereby the sensual access that the participants receive during the reception of the exhibits is systematically varied: While some recipients are allowed to touch the objects, other recipients are not allowed to do so.
In this dissertation project not only the pure acquisition of knowledge on a cognitive level is explored, but the entire "learning experience". A special focus is placed on affective-motivational outcomes - such as situational interest, motivation for further employment and emotionality.
The insights gained from the dissertation project can be important and taken into account for the design of informal learning settings - for example in museums - but the transfer of these findings into other - more formal - learning contexts could also be interesting.


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