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Analysis and Interpretation of Information Using Interactive Interfaces: Needs Assessment, Usability, and Embodiment

Multimodal Interaction

ScienceCampus Tuebingen, Cluster: Intuitive and Collaborative Analysis and Interpretation of Visual Information Formats with Interactive Interfaces: Conception and Optimization of a Low-Threshold Personalized Information System


January 2011 - December 2012


ScienceCampus Tuebingen


This sub-project conducts needs analyses and tests of prototypes in the field. In addition, it addresses research questions on usability and embodiment in the laboratory. The core topic of these laboratory studies, which are conducted during the development of the system, is the following: How can a personalized system for the analysis and interpretation of visual information formats, which also offers the possibility of collaborative use, be designed in a way that intuitive interaction with minimal cognitive load becomes possible? In this context, the impact of direct physical interaction with visual contents on low-threshold analysis and interpretation and on elaborated processing is of particular interest.