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"Knowledge and Information Awareness" for Fostering the Efficiency of Net-based Collaborative Problem Solving of Spatially Distributed Group Members

Knowledge Exchange Lab


November 2009 - December 2012


German Research Foundation (DFG), “Margarete von Wrangell-Habilitationsprogramm” supported by the European Social Fund and by the Ministry Of Science, Research and the Arts Baden-Württemberg, budget resources KMRC


This is the follow-up project of the project „Knowledge and Information Awareness for Fostering Computer-Supported Collaboration“.
Psychological theories and empirical results demonstrated that in group situations it is important to know what the collaborators know. However, developing such knowledge is difficult, especially for newly formed groups participating in a computer-supported collaboration. Our solution for this problem is to enhance knowledge and information awareness by means of a particular environment representing the others’ knowledge or knowledge structures as well as the information underlying this knowledge by means of concept maps. In previous studies we could already confirm that this kind of environment for fostering knowledge and information awareness improves group performance in such situations. This present project aims at both investigating the potential of knowledge and information awareness as well as developing an effective and efficient possibility for fostering knowledge and information awareness for improving net-based collaboration. A further goal is to implement this solution in real settings of teachings, research, and economy. Therefore, this project contributes to both basic research and use-inspired research.