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Interventions to support the development of competences in students and teachers

Multiple Representations


August 2009 - March 2010


Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)


Recent assessment based empirical educational research (e.g. PISA or TIMSS) has identified deficits in the competences of German students, especially in the areas of STEM subjects and reading skills. As a consequence, the goal of this project was to identify empirically evaluated interventions that foster the development of these competences in students and teachers. In regard to methods and didactics this project focused on the analysis of media supported instruction. In doing so, it addressed another relevant area of competences, namely the media competence of students and teachers alike. In general, the project emphasized the identification of areas of research, which are in need of further development.

The project was sustained by the expertise of the Tübingen-based DFG (German Research Foundation) “Orchestrating Computer-supported Processes of Learning and Instruction“ in cooperation with national and international experts in the field. The empirical procedure included a a literature review, a focused online-survey, and the systematic integration of experts via individual interviews and a workshop.