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Digital Learning Map 2020: Success Factors of Digital Learning and Teaching in Higher Education 

WorkgroupKnowledge Construction Lab
Project description

The LearnMap project evaluated existing empirical studies on the efficacy of digital teaching and learning at the university and maps national projects, products and concepts using digital media in higher education. For this, a framework model was developed in order to evaluate existing teaching and learning arrangements from a learning science and psychological perspective, to assess their effectiveness and, on this basis, to foster the exchange between teachers and researchers.

In this project, we provided a structured overview of the success factors of digital learning and teaching in higher education, which (1) enables comparing different solutions and thus, allows assessing new approaches and concepts; (2) promotes the application of tools and methods across universities, and makes recommendations for the didactic design of teaching and learning arrangements, and (3) allows to make statements on promising networking and promotion strategies in order to exploit synergy effects and implement innovative approaches effectively.

In a meta-study we summarized existing empirical research results on influence factors on the success of digital learning and teaching in higher education and integrate these into a practice-oriented framework model. In cooperation with the information portal, we built up the Digital Learning Map that makes the mapped national projects and initiatives visible and therefore stimulates the exchange of best practices. In addition, innovative international developments are taken into account. Based on this, we developed a benchmarking tool to identify innovative didactic approaches and evaluate national projects and developments with regards to learning-related success factors.

As part of the project, we organized a conference in 2018 to discuss the results of the meta-study and further research approaches with national experts. In addition, we conducted a BarCamp which connects researchers in the field of using digital media in higher education with lecturers and other stakeholders (for example, students, content providers). Additionally, a series of online events has been organized in cooperation with

Cooperations (Website in German) 

Hochschulforum Digitalisierung


Project Website: Digital Learning Map (in German)

Data base:  Digital Learning Map (in German)