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Tacit Visitor-Oriented Guidance

Knowledge Exchange Lab


until April 2012


Funded by the Leibniz Association as part of the "Pact for Research and Innovation" and budget resources of KMRC.


In this project several media-based methods were developed that enable visitors to explore exhibitions elaborately, in adaption to their own knowledge and goals, but nevertheless in a self-directed way. These tacit guidance methods are based on various theoretical conceptions, such as group awareness, representational guidance, and social navigation. Two methods have already been implemented and experimentally evaluated in the exhibition NanoDialogue.

Motive-oriented structuring

Visitors rate the information content and the difficulty of exhibits. These ratings are visually fed back into the exhibition. It was shown that visitors who differ in regard to their goal-orientation take different ways through the exhibition when they are provided with this kind of social information.

Active integration of information

Visitors are enabled to interactively relate exhibits and context information to each other. Visitors who used this method had a better understanding of exhibits and their interrelation. Furthermore, they explored the exhibition in a more systematic and active way than visitors who were provided with a pre-integrated presentation of exhibits and context information.


  • Deutsches Museum Muenchen
  • Leibniz Institute for Science in Education Kiel