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Teachers’ cognitive and motivational conditions for the effective implementation of media-based instruction

LabMultiple Representations
FundingQualitätsoffensive Lehrerbildung (Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung)
Project description

Integrating tablet-computers in the classroom can be regarded as an effective means to scaffold innovative forms of teaching and learning, for instance, through supporting the individualizing of processes of learning. So far, it is however not yet clear which cognitive and motivational conditions have to be met for teachers to plan and implement effective media-based instruction, and how teachers can be supported to effectively integrate tablets in the classroom to support students’ learning. This question with focus on teachers’ cognitive and motivational conditions will be addressed in this PhD thesis.

Effective media-based instruction has many influencing factors. For instance, infrastructure (e.g., technological equipment of the schools) as well as teachers’ cognitive and motivational conditions (e.g., teachers’ knowledge about media-based instruction, teachers’ conceptions of media-based instruction) may affect the effective integration of digital media in the classroom. The TPACK-Model by Mishra and Koehler (2006) emphasizes the central role of teachers’ different knowledge components for the effective integration of digital media in instruction. The main focus of this model is the integration of technological knowledge, content knowledge and pedagogical knowledge.
 However, so far there are no empirical studies which examine the effects of different teachers’ cognitive and motivational conditions on the effectiveness of tablet integration in the classroom. In this PhD project, we investigate how teachers’ cognitive and motivational aspects affect the successful use of digital media (i.e., tablets) during teaching. The findings will be used to design informed strategy trainings to support (pre-service) teachers’ tablet integration.

  • Teacher competencies for teaching with digital media (Tablet-Projekt Baden-Württemberg TabletGym)
  • Tübingen School of Education (TüSE): Teaching Methodology Mathematics Prof. Dr. Frank Loose

Backfisch, I., Lachner, A., Hische, C., Loose, F., & Scheiter, K. (2020). Professional knowledge or motivation? Investigating the role of teachers’ expertise on the quality of technology-enhanced lesson plans. Learning and Instruction, 66, Article 101300. [Data, Data1] request document