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Target group- and context-specific analysis of information requirements

Realistic Depictions


May 2011 to April 2014


Leibniz Association as part of the „Wettbewerbsfonds 2011“


The acceptance and efficiency of visitor information systems presupposes that they are matched to specific knowledge requirements of different user groups. This subproject of the project "EyeVisit" focuses on the collection and analysis of exhibition related information demands of relevant target groups (f.ex. school classes, interested lay-persons, experts) at different times (before / during / after the exhibition visit).
These analyses of target groups and contexts of information presentation form the basis for the determination of the contents which will be made available for a Multi Touch Table system and the mobile devices (iPhone, iPad).

In its methodological approach, the subproject uses a combination of systematic observations, interviews and questionnaires to determine information requirements. In summer 2011, a visitor survey was conducted at the Herzog Anton Ulrich-Museum in Braunschweig. Specific information requirements were derived from a questionnaire, filled out by 300 visitors, f.ex. type and amount of information, time at which the information is given.

In a test exhibition, which will be realized at the Knowledge Media Research Center Tuebingen, influences of varying information formats (text, audio guide, mobile devices) on behavior in an exhibition, on cognitive aspects (knowledge acquisition, memory capacity) as well as on aesthetic judgment and aesthetic appreciation shall be analyzed.