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Experiencing biodiversity - How nature research benefits from interactive web maps on your own doorstep

WorkgroupRealistic Depictions Lab
FundingFederal Ministry of Education and Research, Funding Area Citizen Science
Project description

How do different ways of visualization of the spatial distribution of animal species affect the acquisition of competence and knowledge as well as the citizen science commitment? The project "Experience biodiversity" is investigating this question. To this end, we develop an online portal that offers citizen scientists extended possibilities for analysing and evaluating their data on bird sightings.

In the project, we develop and test different digital tools and representations for a regional portal. This portal enables the presentation of the collected information in clear web maps at regional levels that make visible the own data contribution as well as observation gaps in the closer environment. The regional portal also offers the possibility of a more intensive use of map representations and presents the distribution patterns of bird species in a more differentiated way. We investigate the influence of the regional portal on the motivation, the competences and the observation behaviour of citizen scientists.
At the IWM, we develop design alternatives and visualization options of the regional portal considering cognitive psychological theories. Subsequent tests aim to make the regional portal as intuitive as possible. Intensive use can only be expected if intuitive use is guaranteed. In order to enable citizen scientists to apply the regional portal to a wider range of analysis scenarios, we optimize the usability of the regional portal and test the user experience with members of A longitudinal study also measures how the regionalized presentation of the observation data changes the motivation, knowledge and skills of the citizen scientists.


Leibniz Institute for Regional Geography, Leipzig

Dachverband Deutscher Avifaunisten e.V., Münster


Prof. Dr. Stephan Schwan Prof. Dr. Stephan Schwan
Tel.: +49 7071 979-228