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The effects of AI-generated feedback in the context of adaptive learning systems

WorkgroupMultiple Representations Lab
FundingSondertatbestand Data Science
Project description

As digitization continues to advance worldwide, more and more sophisticated technology is also finding its way into education: Adaptive learning systems are designed to enable personalized learning by responding to the specific needs and characteristics of users. This project aims to develop a tool to automatically analyze learners’ written responses based on Natural Language Processing methods. This tool is then implemented into a learning environment that will provide automatic feedback adapted to the learners’ responses.

Various studies have proven feedback be one of the most influential factors in learning and achievement. Similarly, self-regulatory learning skills play an essential role regarding effective information processing and comprehension. However, learners often have difficulties regulating their learning process independently. Adaptive feedback can be used to address this issue. In this project we will use the proprietary learning environment to empirically evaluate the influence of different types of feedback on learners' self-regulatory abilities and the users’ acceptance towards this automatic feedback.

The project is part of the cooperation network "Human-Agent Interaction".