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Understanding the Underlying Mechanisms of Information Processing and Propagation – The Role of Metacognition

WorkgroupPerception and Action Lab
FundingIWM budget resources
Project description

Do people know about their own knowledge? And how does this relate to their experience and behavior? In this project, we investigate how insight into ones’ own cognition relates to information selection and processing, as well as opinion and judgment formation.

The main goal of this project is to gain a better understanding about the influence of metacognition regarding information selection (e.g., media choice), information processing (e.g., polarization), and action (information propagation in social media).

Leveraging methods from Signal Detection Theory, the role of metacognitive insight will be investigated with regard to belief propagation, formation and polarization, as well as the evaluation of new information like whether or not people deem information from different sources as trustworthy.

  • Dr. Nadia Said, University of Tübingen (Psychology)
  • Luna T. Frauhammer, University of Duisburg-Essen (Mediapsychologie)
  • Prof. Dr. Patrick Müller, Stuttgart Technology University of Applied Sciences (Economic Psychology)
  • Prof. Dr. Marc-André Reinhard, University of Kassel (Psychology)
  • Sarah Volz, University of Kassel (Psychology)

Said, N., Frauhammer, L. T., & Huff, M. (2023). Consensus messaging in climate change communication: Metacognition as moderator variable in the gateway belief model. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 91, Article 102128. *equal contribution. request document

Said, N., Potinteu, A. E., Brich, I., Buder, J., Schumm, H., & Huff, M. (2023). An artificial intelligence perspective: How knowledge and confidence shape risk and benefit perception. Computers in Human Behavior, 149, Article 107855. request document

Said, N., Frauhammer, L. T., & Huff, M. (2022). Pre-registered replication of the gateway belief model – Results from a representative German sample. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 84, Article 101910. * equal contribution.


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