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WorkgroupPortal e-teaching-Transfer
FundingFederal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)
Project description

Within the framework of the project, a problem-oriented connection of the information and qualification portal "" for the higher education sector to the National Education Platform (Education Space) is to be created and transferred to productive operation. Building on the results of an already completed project (conception phase), the prototypical connection to the education space started there will be further expanded and various services of "" will be extended to make them interoperable with the education space and other connected services.

The motivation for implementing the project is to connect the already established digital continuing education portal "" to the education space planned by the BMBF in a meaningful way in terms of content and technology. Building on the results from the conception phase, educationally relevant content is to be selected for provision in the education space, restructured and provided with new metadata through targeted tagging measures, among other things. In addition, users with special expertise who have already contributed educationally relevant content to the portal in various formats will be given the opportunity to make their achievements visible. Likewise, learners should be enabled to present their engagement with topics of teaching and learning with digital media at universities. In addition to these content-related measures, a whole series of technical redesigns of the platform are necessary. For example, "" is to be connected to the education space via SingleSignOn according to supported standards. Furthermore, metadata should be made available to the education space according to one or more standards for metadata profiles.