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graduation papers

At the IWM, we are committed to training young academics. This also includes offering student qualification theses (Bachelor and Master).


Here you will find a list of selected topics and video impressions of research activities carried out by the working groups at the IWM:



Multimodal Interaction

Contact: Prof. Peter Gerjets

Selected topics:
  • Gesture Control Technology for Computers (e.g., in virtual realities or for interactive displays such as multi-touch tables)
  • Brain-Computer Interfaces
  • Writing with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Realistic Depictions


Perception and Action

Contact: Prof. Markus Huff

Selected topics:
  • Understanding Comics and CMvies
  • Polarisation, Echo Chambers, and Filter Bubbles
  • Interacting with Social Robots
  • Risk Perception of Artificial Intelligence

Knowledge Construction

Contact: Prof. Ulrike Cress

Selected topics:
  • Mass Collaboration (e.g., in Wikipedia)
  • Science Communication
  • Health Communication

Everyday Media

Contact: Prof. Sonja Utz

Selected topics:
  • Learning on YouTube
  • Ambient Awareness
  • Parasocial Relationship
  • Acceptance of Algorithmic Decisions
  • Social Media at Work