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Marcel Capparozza
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Marcel Capparozza

Member of Knowledge Construction lab

Since October 2018, Marcel Capparozza has been a research associate at the IWM. He works in the BMBF-funded meta project “Digitalisation in the Fields of Education” (Digi-EBF) in the section of teacher training. The aim of the project is to support lecturers in the development of pre-service teachers’ digital competences. Marcel Capparozza supports the development of a new section for digital teacher education on e-teaching.org. Furthermore, along with the Leibniz Institute for Research and Information in Education (DIPF) he summarizes the present state of research on issues regarding digitization in teacher education in annually published Critical Reviews.

In 2017, Marcel Capparozza graduated from the Pedagogical University of Freiburg with a Master of Science in Educational Psychology. During his studies, he was a student research assistant at the Institute for Media in Education in Freiburg and a trainee at the IWM in the Intermodal Interaction Lab. As a former primary and secondary school teacher, Marcel Capparozza is particularly interested in learning and digitization in education. In addition to his job at the IWM, Marcel Capparozza works at the Institute for Educational Analysis Baden-Württemberg (IBBW) in Stuttgart.


Meta project “Digitalisation in the Fields of Education” (Digi-EBF) - Teacher Education

Organisation of Conferences

Érsek, E., Capparozza, M., Moskaliuk, J., & Thillosen, A. (2019). e-teaching.org goes Lehrerbildung. Dialogforum, Leibniz-Institut für Wissensmedien, Tübingen.


Marcel Capparozza

Marcel Capparozza

Schleichstraße 6
72076 Tübingen
Room 6.420
phone: +49 7071 979-239
fax: +49 7071 979-105