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Ehemaliges IWM-Mitglied [01.04.2002 - 31.03.2003]

Dr. Ing. Kenji Matsuura

Artikel in referierten Zeitschriften

Matsuura, K., Ogata, H., & Yano, Y. (2002). Supporting asynchronous communication in an agent-based virtual classroom. International Journal of Continuing Engineering Education and Lifelong Learning, 12, 434-447.

Ogata, H., Yano, Y., & Matsuura, K. (2002). Human-Agent Interaction in Computer Supported Collaborative Learning Environments. Journal of Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence, 17, 672-678. Volltext anfordern


Matsuura, K., Hesse, F. W., Ochi, Y., Ogata, H., & Yano, Y. (2002). Real/Virtual Classmates in an Asynchronous Distant Learning Environment. In IEEE Computer Society (Ed.), Proceedings of ICCE 2002 (pp. 792-796). Auckland: IEEE Computer Society.

Dr. Ing. Kenji Matsuura
Dr. Ing. Kenji Matsuura