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Drawing digital self-portraits in Art museum: Which receptive and productive processes mediate social transfer effects on empathy and self-perception of adolscents?

WorkgroupMultimodal interaction
Duration12/2016 – 11/2019
FundingFederal Ministry of Education and Research
LEAD Graduate School & Research Network
Project description

What could self-portraits in a museum teach us? Do self-portraits mediate more than knowledge about drawing style and epochal features? In the project DigiSelbst, we will focus on visual arts (especially self-portraits) in Art museum and the use of digital media to design cultural learning opportunities.

In an interdisciplinary cooperation of IWM and the Herzog Anton Ulrich-Museum in Braunschweig, three courses for upper secondary schools will be developed. In an experimental setting, we will evaluate the effect of different course contents on social skills like empathy and self-perception. Thereby, we will design (1) an emotion course, which focuses on perception and interpretation of own and foreign emotions based on mimical expressions, (2) a self-concept course, which focuses on differential access to personal characteristics in context of social roles, (3) an epochal course, which focuses on the conveying of epochal knowledge, e.g. hair accessories or clothing style in the Baroque period. The aim of the study is to evaluate, if there is a supporting effect on social skills especially in the emotion and the self-concept course.
The core element of this course program is the graphical interaction with tablets. Digital drawing offer new ways of dealing with the course contents (e.g. zooming, editing) and increases the motivation of the participants. Furthermore, tablets offer a high self-reference through the creation of selfies and, additionally, enable the recording and detailed scientific examination of the drawing process.

  • LEAD Graduate School & Research Network, Tuebingen (Dr. Aiste Jusyte)
  • Herzog Anton Ulrich-Museum, Braunschweig (Dr. Sven Nommensen, Maren Peters)
  • University of Art, Braunschweig