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Acceptance of digital media in work and private life

WorkgroupSocial Processes Lab 
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Project description

Digitalization permeates numerous areas of life and offers new opportunities - in private as well as in professional life. Apps are used, for example, to fight pandemics or supplement physiotherapy; Artificial Intelligence, robots or other digital assistants support work in companies. However, users are not always enthusiastic about new technologies and the accompanying changes right away , even if they would objectively benefit from these technologies.

In these projects, we investigate how the acceptance of digital technologies can be increased in different areas of life. In doing so, we examine both determinants of technology acceptance among employees and potential intervention options for increasing technology acceptance. This research is carried out in the field with partners from the respective application areas (e.g. industry, medicine, etc.) as part of IWM’s Research "in Action" approach.


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Project team

Dr. Nora Hampel