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DurationApril 2010–open-ended
FundingLeibniz-WissenschaftsCampus Tübingen, IWM Budget Resources
Project description

This interdisciplinary project aims at the conception, implementation and optimization of an innovative multimedia guide for museum and exhibitions (EyeVisit). The main concept is to present digital information by utilizing interactive displays. According to interaction with real-world objects, EyeVisit allows the manipulation of digital visual information with intuitive gestures for moving, rotating and scaling.

Large optical multi-touch tabletop systems with a display diagonal of approximately 180 cm can be used to explore additional information of an exhibit. EyeVisit combines Multi-Touch-Tables with mobile Multimedia-Guides. Mobile handhelds which are tracked via bluetooth are utilized to provide personalized multimedia material during the visit of an exhibition and can be connected to the tabletop system. The information on the Multi-Touch-Devices is presented in an empiric-psychological and museum-pedagogical format: the ARTcards.


Wilhelm-Schickard-Institute for Informatics, University of Tuebingen

The 'Herzog-Anton-Ulrich-Museum' in Braunschweig: the oldest museum of the continent open to the public , which opened in 1754 as als „Kunst- und Naturalienkabinett“


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