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Future Space – Kompetenzverbund lernen:digital

WorkgroupPortal e-teaching-Transfer
FundingGerman Federal Ministry of Education and Research
European Union - NextGenerationEU
Project description

Students are growing into a culture of digitality. To shape their future in a self-directed way, they need digitization-related know-how and orientational knowledge. High-quality teacher training is a prerequisite for the successful digital transformation of schools and education. The Kompetenzverbund lernen:digital is committed to this goal. The IWM participates in the science communication for lernen:digital by designing the “Future Space” of the web portal

In the Kompetenzverbund lernen:digital, four competence centers and a transfer office enables a successful dialog between science and practice for digital transformation. The four subject-related competence centers bundle the expertise from around 180 research and development projects across all of Germany. These projects develop evidence-based continuing trainings, materials, and approaches for school and classroom development in a culture of digitality. A transfer office brings together the scientific expertise from the competence centers and research on transfer-relevant issues, makes the results visible to teachers, promotes co-constructive further development with practitioners, and supports the nationwide transfer to teacher training, educational administration, and education policy.

The team of the IWM subproject in the transfer office designs the "Future Space" in the portal of lernen:digital. The "Future Space" creates visions for digitally supported teaching and uses formats, such as videos, podcasts, or interviews, to arouse interest in the latest technological and didactic developments and to connect pioneers in teacher training. This offers interested teachers a multifaceted space to learn about innovative national and international projects and research results. For the design of the "Future Space", the team uses the expertise of "" in practice transfer and works closely with two IWM subprojects within the project networks "MINT-ProNeD" and "KuMuS-ProNeD" in the respective competence centers.


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