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Professional networks for fostering adaptive, process-oriented, technology-enhanced innovations in STEM teacher education (MINT-ProNeD)

WorkgroupMultimodal Interaction and e-teaching-Transfer
FundingBundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung
Project description

Students with very different learning abilities take part in STEM lessons. Adaptive teaching, which considers individual prerequisites and offers personalised learning opportunities, is a promising didactic concept for dealing with heterogeneity. In the "MINT-ProNeD" project, research-based training and counselling concepts are being developed to support STEM teachers in using digital technologies for adaptive teaching and in preparing for future technologies.

Within a network of twelve universities and research institutions, an integrative concept for STEM teacher training will be developed and implemented. The IWM contributes to two work fields of "MINT-ProNeD".

In the Future Innovation Hub, the IWM is working with the TU Kaiserslautern, the LMU Munich, and the University of Tübingen to develop scenarios for future STEM teaching − with the participation of teachers. Within the framework of workshops and training courses, prototypical teaching scenarios that use various technologies (e.g., AI, VR, multi-touch devices) are tested and accompanied by a formative evaluation. The aim is to develop innovative digitally supported teaching concepts conducive to learning and to determine their opportunities and risks for STEM teaching while also reflecting on societal and ethical implications.

In the field Translation & Dissemination, the IWM collaborates with the University of Tübingen to share best practices and research findings from the joint project. To support translation and dissemination activities, the IWM will draw upon the infrastructure and expertise of the information and qualification portal for university teachers "". Specifically, materials developed as Open Educational Resources (OER) within the project will be prepared and made accessible for the further education of teachers. The IWM works closely with the "Future Space" sub-project of the Kompetenzverbund lernen:digital transfer office to develop innovative transfer formats.

  • University of Kaiserslautern-Landau

  • Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich

  • University of Tübingen

  • Kompetenzverbund lernen:digital


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Georg Pardi
(Field Future Innovation Hub)
Tel.: +49 7071 979-327

Dr. Kathrin Nieder-Steinheuer
(Field Translation und Dissemination)
Tel.: +49 7071 979-265
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