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2019-05-13  |  Lab Information Days at the IWM

In order to promote the exchange between scientists within the institute the IWM launched the Lab Information Days in 2018. This year, the third edition took place on May 6 and 7. Focus was placed on the ideas and developments which have already been applied in practice. Grouped in several demo stations, the researchers presented their innovations from fields like digital education, museum/mulit-touch, knowledge-related internet usage and knowledge work with digital media. In addition to the life-sized game “Crabs & Turtles” and the digital chemistry book “eChemBook”, highlights included applications for multi-touch tables that are used in a series of cooperations with museums as well as interactive cards for visualizing complex data. “The Lab Days showed me once again the broad range of research at the IWM – a great opportunity for everyone to take a look beyond the labs or junior research groups,” reports Salome Wörner, who has been a doctoral student at the IWM since March 2019 and was able to use the two-day event to familiarize herself better with the topics and projects of the IWM.


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