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Open Science

Open Science Statement

The Leibniz-Institut für Wissensmedien bases its scientific approach on a series of principles that ensures that its research meets the highest methodological standards. This includes the scientific transparency of research results and practices such as the preregistration of hypotheses, power analyses to determine the number of required subjects, the publication of data and the free accessibility of published research results. To clearly position itself on these issues, the IWM has published an Open Science Statement:

The Leibniz-Institut für Wissensmedien is committed to replicability and openness of research. Therefore, we aim at implementing the following measures:


Types of Research: When we conduct data-driven or exploratory research, we clearly state this in publications. Hypotheses are included only in publications presenting confirmatory research.


Preregistration: Our confirmatory studies are preregistered (including measures, predictions, sample size, exclusion criteria, and analysis strategy). We share preregistrations, anonymized data sets, analysis scripts, and study materials with the scientific community.


Transparency of Methods: Within and across publications on a similar topic, we apply measures and statistics consistently and make exceptions to this rule transparent. We report how we determined our sample size, all data exclusions, manipulations, and measures.


Statistical Power: We consider statistical power crucial and take it into account when determining the number of observations collected for a study. If availability of resources or participants pose restrictions to this rule (e.g., large sample sizes from specific populations or in applied settings) this will not keep us from conducting research on relevant questions and with high external validity. In these cases, we do however clearly acknowledge the resulting limitations.