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Using gestures to support learning from visualizations

Multiple Representations


February 2011 - April 2015


KMRC budget


This project examined to what extent making gestures that are adapted to the to-be-learnt content can support knowledge acquisition during learning with visualizations. Apart from establishing a general effectiveness of gestures for learning, the project aimed at testing different explanations for their effectiveness (e.g., deeper elaboration of the content). It was also studied to what extent the effectiveness of accompanying gestures depends on the format of the presented visualizations of the learning content (static vs. dynamic). The project extended previous research on multimedia learning by investigating not only the auditory and visual modality, but also the importance of motor components in knowledge acquisition.



Scheiter, K., Arndt, J., Imhof, B., & Ainsworth, S. (2012). Move like a fish: Do gestures aid learning from photographs and videos? In E. de Vries & K. Scheiter (Eds.), Proceedings EARLI Special Interest Group Text and Graphics: Staging knowledge and experience: How to take advantage of representational technologies in education and training? (pp. 184-186). Grenoble, France: Université Pierre-Mendès-France.