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OpenTeach: Experimental psychological analysis of open digital teaching

Working groupKnowledge Construction Lab
FundingFederal Ministry of Education and Research
Project description

The project is based on experimental research on the analysis of open digital higher education. The research questions are concerned in particular with the opening of medical teaching for further disciplines, the opening of pre-clinical teaching to practice, and the opening of teaching for the discourse of different professions.

In order to answer these research questions, we examine the influence of prior knowledge and clinical experience on the reception and production of information as well as personal variables such as people’s perceived role. In a further step, we compare different professions with regard to the reception and production of information. In addition, we investigate the potential and limitations of supplementary open educational resources. For this purpose, we compare learners using different digital learning media. Finally, we examine the influence of inter-professional online discussion groups on the reception and production of information and the extent to which participatory scenarios influence the handling of knowledge-related content.

The results and insights gained are directly integrated into the further development of the online platform Sectio Chirurgica and are communicated via the portal to the actors of digital university teaching in Germany.


Institute for clinical anatomy and cell analytics, University of Tuebingen


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