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Smart Teaching Baden-Württemberg

WorkgroupKnowledge Construction Lab
FundingState Ministry of Baden-Württemberg for Science, Research and the Arts (MWK)
Project description

The project "Smart Teaching Baden-Wuerttemberg" accompanied ten digitization projects at universities in Baden-Württemberg. It aimed to support the sustainable implementation of the projects and generated knowledge about success factors and obstacles in the implementation process of innovative digital development projects. In order to make the practical and scientific knowledge achieved permanently accessible, the project worked closely with the IWM's E-Learning-information portal

The ten projects funded in the programme "Digital Innovations for Smart Teaching - Better Learning" were divided into three central funding lines: (1) Qualification offers for teachers and learners, (2) research and development in innovative fields, e.g. mobile learning, learning analytics and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and (3) development of OER repositories. The "Smart Teaching BW" project accompanied the funded projects on several levels. Firstly, by carrying out studies – more precisely (online) surveys, a comprehensive interview study as well as focus groups. The gained findings on success factors and obstacles in the implementation of innovative digital development projects at universities were published at conferences and in specialist publications. Secondly, measures were developed and tested which were to contribute to creating synergies between the funded projects. To this end, joint workshops and conferences were held regularly and reviewed as part of the accompanying research. Thirdly, the knowledge gained as well as scientific results from the projects were to be made usable beyond the project boundaries. The portal, through which E-Learning-experts and university lecturers from German-speaking countries could be addressed, played an important role in this context. On the one hand, results of the project as such was reported on there, and on the other hand, practice and research reports from all funded projects were published at regular intervals during the project period.
Within the framework of the "Smart Teaching BW" project, it was possible to generate synergy effects between the projects of the Baden-Wuerttemberg funding programme, to combine the project results and make them available to other universities on a long-term basis. With its research activities, "Smart Teaching BW" has also made a sound empirical contribution to the relevant question of obstacles and success factors for the sustainability of digital innovation projects.

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