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Morality in social media

WorkgroupEveryday Media
FundingSAW Postdoc-Network Seed Funding, IWM budget resources
Project description

Users of and other agents in social media (e.g., firms, institutions, and friends) play an increasingly important role as sources of information in digital societies. This information may include knowledge that leads to moral and normative decisions. In the scope of this past project, it was explored how social media information could affect users' moral foundations and consequently their ethical decision-making. Another focus was to examine the role different psychological processes played in fostering or interfering with these potential relations between moral foundations and ethical decision-making.

  • Associate Prof. Dr. Nancy Rhodes, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan, USA


Neumann, D., & Rhodes, N. (2024). Morality in social media: A scoping review. New Media & Society, 26, 1096-1126. Open Access


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