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Conveying conflicting scientific topics in exhibitions: Development and optimization of an exhibition prototype and a museum-related wiki

Working groupRealistic Depictions Lab
Project description

The aim of this knowledge transfer project is to draw on empirical evidence to design and implement a prototypical exhibition space in the Deutsches Museum, where museum visitors can encounter conflicting information on a current science topic. In addition, an evidence-based, practice-oriented wiki on the subject of presenting conflicting information in museums and exhibitions will be developed.

The empirical evidence for this prototype will be based on four sources: First, on psychologically oriented visitor studies and research on cognitive processing of conflicting information. Secondly, we will draw on empirical findings of our own previous (DFG-funded) research projects and other museum-related research projects. Thirdly, a visitor survey on the one hand and surveys of German museums and exhibit design firms on the other, will help determine the needs, expectations and current practice of presenting conflicting science topics in the museum. Finally, the project will include a series of empirical studies involving design models representing various parameters of museum-specific presentation of conflicting information and their motivational and cognitive effects on visitors.

In close collaboration with the Technical University of Munich and the Deutsches Museum a concept for an exhibition space on the subject of industrial meat production as part of an exhibition on agriculture and nutrition (opening in 2020) will be developed, implemented and evaluated.


Technical University of Munich

Deutsches Museum München

Institut für Museumsforschung Berlin


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