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Visibility and Update – Enhancing the content- and community-driven development of the portal (AuftAkt)

WorkgroupPortal e-teaching-Transfer
FundingStiftung Innovation in der Hochschullehre (StIL)
Project description

The IWM’s portal "" has been supporting the use of digital media in higher education since 2003 by providing practical and research-based information. A particular strength of the portal is the wide range of information it offers, including more than 1,000 websites. The AuftAkt project addresses two key challenges associated with the portal's extensive knowledge base: finding portal content (1) and keeping it up to date (2).

(1) To make it easier for users to find relevant content on "", access to relevant cross-cutting topics (such as accessibility) will be simplified. This will be achieved by expanding the "Themenseite” (topic page) format introduced in 2021, which bundles portal content across categories and links it to curated external resources. The Themenseite will not only help portal users navigate the resources on "" but will also create content links to the many high-quality and freely accessible materials on the websites of universities and their support institutions, other research institutes, professional societies, associations, networks and portals.

In addition, the visibility of portal content to external (search) systems will be improved through the optimised use of metadata. To achieve this, the project team is working together with stakeholders both in the field of higher education and across sectors in the context of the National Education Platform.

(2) Alongside the development of new topic pages, the project team will focus on updating the extensive content on "" in collaboration with the "" community of experts. This will involve conducting collaborative content sprints either online, in a hybrid format, or on-site to revise, update and expand on the portal content as required.

The format of the content sprints themselves will also be examined as part of the project. To this end, the content sprints conducted will, among other things, be researched and continuously refined through an iterative (design-based research) process.


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